Sizes: S - XL


FRoLO shirts come in Men’s and Women’s style and sizes. Shirts are only available in black color.

Men’s Shirts are Tri-Blend V-neck style

Women’s Shirts are a Sporty V-neck style

*Since sales of these shirts are to raise funds for Loriana’s medical costs, we will only be able to accept returns for exchange if shirts are still available. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given. Contact for any inquiries or fill out the Contact Us form. Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.



Loriana Hernandez

You're a mom, wife, daughter, sister and a friend. For many years, you kept Austin, TX residents informed on the important news of the day as the evening news co-anchor on Fox. As the host of Good Day Austin, you brightened up the start of the day for many viewers. Your advocacy for children with autism educated many who were unaware of its impact on families.

You left Austin for Washington D.C. to begin a new chapter in your life so you could be together with your husband, Cesar, and your precious baby boy, Gabriel. You did all this so you can all be a family living in one home together. You and Cesar endured a long distance relationship since getting married and having Gabriel because of your jobs.

We were saddened by your leaving Austin for Washington D.C. We were saddened even more by the news about your cancer that was diagnosed a day before you were to begin your new life. The courage, joy, hope, faith and peace you've shown throughout this unexpected journey of yours has been a inspiration to all of us. You may not know each one of us, but always remember this -- you've touched each of our lives with your honesty, kindness and generosity. So we are here for you. God bless you and your family always.

We are FRoLO! The FRiends of LOriana.

Stay tuned for the next FRoLO Golf Tournament!

Dinner, Awards and Door Prizes follow the tournament.
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